“She always did the right thing”

Vilma was invaluable to the our success in selling my property. Being that I was located several states away and the property required numerous updates and repairs before and during the sales process, I could not have made the sale without her help. She coordinated and supervised the work and kept me informed the whole time. I definitely consider this having gone beyond her scope and responsibilities, and I am very grateful for the extra work she performed. There were several occasions where it would have been easier for her, but she always did the right thing by giving me information and understanding as well as ensuring I understood my legal responsibilities. Another aspect where Vilma surprised and impressed was in response to every hiccup that occurred. I recall no less than 3 occasions were an ’emergency’ happened, during a showing or while work was being done, where she dropped everything and went to the property to resolve the problem (immediately after notifying me of the problem). She truly worked as my Agent, in my absence, and I could tell the personal responsibility she felt towards our success. Vilma also understood my expectations and desires and worked to achieve them when realist and tempered them when they were not. Her knowledge of the market and her willingness to be direct saved time and frustrations. For me, this was a key attribute that contributed well to the overall process. I cannot imagine the entire process going as well with any other realtor. 4/28/20